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Various Artists
Effusion 1
Compilation / GNET04
April 2007
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Kentucky Flamingo - Chakragoo
Bob Humid - Danger Angel (Geyser Remix) *
Manudub Soundsystem - Tokyo Motion
Waktu Loopa - Bee In a Caveshell
The Foofaraw - Is This the One
Dubsynaticx - Sunshine Dub
Kat 5ive - Hip Hop Recital (Forgotten Frequencies Remix)
Pattysplanet - Bioley 'ndisha
Rheinproduktion - The Adventure Begins
Ernesto - Like Night
Schow - Hiplounge
Krautiopharm - Musaril (Tetrazepam)
élaNoir - What's Going On Here
Geyser - Where Are We **
Hidden Technology - Artificial Tissue
* feat. twila.too
** feat. Leah
Effusion 1 is Geyser Recordings' first Various Artists compilation. Fifteen carefully selected titles make this versatile release interesting not only to electronic lounge listeners.