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Effusion 2
Compilation / May 2007 / GNET05
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Punch Department - Soul Cage 2
Geyser - Lady
Joachim Spieth - Min Max
Leschet & Wilde - Elefantöse Säuresau
Ernesto - Snapshot
The First Landing - H2O (Remix)
Sheyne - Das Lied, das ich schrieb
Norman Karachi - Tarantula
Waktu Loopa - Versoochung
Riad Michael - Abaro (Mix II)
Geyser - Sta Me Bij
Derquion - Fone
Featuring Leah on Geyser - Sta Me Bij
Effusion 2 offers an atmospheric selection of tech house and techno functioning on the dance floor as well as in the lounge.
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