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Various Artists
Geyser Lounge Vol. 1
Compilation / GNET08
May 2008
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Krautiopharm - Aquamarin (Discodelic Orchestra Mix)
Salicious - Keep Walking
Spied - Wednesday
Pattysplanet - Mayfunk
Manudub Soundsystem - My Asian Night
Schow - It Was a Nice Day
Massa Takemoto - Energy Transferring System
Discodelic Orchestra - Discoriental
Rheinproduktion - Street Art
Geyser - Farewell
Kat 5ive - Ni Trizteza Ni Sodade
Little Picnic - Amazone *
* feat. twila.too
Both Geyser Lounge compilation volumes maintain Geyser's pristine jazz-funk and dub inspired electronica style reaching from downtempo to drum 'n' bass and house oriented grooves.